Johan Baard

Johan Baard - Winner of Onesto Music / Klipdrift THE SEARCH 2016 competition

When I was still little my father played guitar, and I was the first to sit down facing him giving him a request of my one and only country song that he played for me, not having the slightest idea that I would follow music as a career.

A few years went by and I finally asked my father if he would teach me how to play guitar, he taught me 3 chords that I should start with, only to want to quit as soon as I started due to the chords hurting my fingers.

My passion in life at that time was to become a professional boxer. Music was just a hobby.

Later I dropped out of school due to family issues, my father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after.

I then started working as a waiter at Murphy's Pub and Grill. I sang karaoke there to pass time. shortly after the owner of Murphy's told me that I have a good voice, and I should do a gig for him - that was my first gig ever!

My father passed away, so I quit music for a while trying to deal with the absence of my father.

I entered Onesto The Search 2015, and made it to the top 12 grand finale...

I continued doing gigs at local pubs, and then entered in Onesto The Search 2016, and won it!!!!

The experience I gathered was to never give up on your dreams no matter life throws at you "they say its all about how you get up, not how you fall."

My father was a big influence in my life, always motivating me, passing on his knowledge and telling me to always stand up for what you believe in.

I then realized that music is my passion, and if it weren't for my fiance I wouldn't have gotten this far.

I make music because I believe that it feeds a broken soul, and I only play for the joy of music.