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Terms and Conditions:

1. Only Persons 18 years and older may enter Onesto Music, The Search 2018.
2. No Person under contract to any record label, Distribution Company, artist agency or any entertainment facilitator may enter the said competition.
3. The judges will be chosen by the participating venue in conjunction with Onesto Music.
4. The judges' decision is final.
5. Artists may not enter at multiple venues.
6. Artists entering this said competition will supply the organizers with a copy of their Identification document which will be registered on the Onesto Music “The Search 2018” database for cross referencing.
7. Any person entering Onesto Music “The Search 2018” will distance themselves from any negative, aggressive or unwarranted commentary of any channel towards, organizers, pub owners, venue owners, sponsors, judges and any other person directly or indirectly involved with Onesto Music “The Search 2018”. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification and possible legal action.
8. The Prizes as published in the media and website ( will be subject to contractual negotiations.
9. Karaoke Screens will be available during the course of the entire competition, except for outlet/venue semi-finals and finals as well as Onesto Music “The Search 2018” semi-finals and finals.
10. The competition layout is as follows:
   a. The Contestant must perform 2 songs on an evening.
   b. A contestant must perform a minimum of 10 different songs in the competition.
   c. A contestant will receive 1 credit if the majority of the judges feel that the song has been done justice.
   d. A contestant will be required to accumulate, from the venue heat rounds to the venue semi-finals, a minimum of 6 credits to advance.
   e. Judging on the Venue Semi-Finals and Final will be with conventional scoring sheets.
   f. Ten finalists will be chosen in the Venue Semi-Finals to compete in the Venue Finals.
   g. A top 2 from the Venue Finals will be chosen by means of conventional scoring sheets to represent the venue at the National Semi-Finals.
   h. All finalists from all venues will perform in 2 semi-final evenings. Details will be published for these events as a separate agreement will be mandated.

11. It is the contestant’s responsibility to ensure that the DJ or Sound Engineer at each venue has the required tracks to play on all nights.
   a. The Contestants are responsible for his/her own backing tracks where applicable.
   b. The Contestants will not be performing with a Live band at the Grand Finale, only backtracks will be used.
   c. NO VOCALS WHATSOEVER on the backtrack on the Onesto Semi-Finals and Grand Finale. We would encourage participants to perform the songs in the Venue heat rounds without any Vocals on the backtracks.
   d. Participants will not be penalised on pub levels if harmony or chorus/backing vocals are on the backtracks.
12. Top 10 Finalist are required to practice and perform with Onesto Music for the Grand Finale. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
13. Right of admission reserved.
14. None of the sponsors, organizers or the venue(s) will be responsible for any damage to equipment or person, theft of goods, injury or loss of life.
   a. All judges are voluntary.
   b. No public criticism will be given during the competition.
   c. However, the contestants can discuss their performance with the judge(s) but this will only be the judge’s personal opinion and NOT the opinion of any of the sponsors.
16. No Scores will be made Public and that is Final.
17. With the signing of this agreement you agree that any audio and visual or audio/visual material of yourself and the entire shows (Semi-Finals and Grand Finale) can be used for commercial and/or marketing purposes.
18. No branded clothing WHATSOEVER will be allowed on stage. The reason being - we might use audio visual material for marketing purposes.
19. All contestants must be at pub / venue at 20H00.
   a. All contestants must supply their songs for the evening to the DJ or sound engineer before 20H30.
   b. Competition starts strictly at 20H30.
   c. Contestants will each sing 1 song, then a short break, then each contestant sings the 2nd song.



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